It isn’t normal

Oooookay so last time I said that I needed to take it easy for a while. I was experiencing extended emotional tension, minor irrationality, still not really coping.

That old pattern emerged. Take it easy. Things don’t get better. Keep taking it easy. No improvement. Rest rest rest. Nothing nothing nothing.

... my medication’s off.

Well, I nudged up my Lamictal by the smallest increment. Everything is going back to normal. Woot!

Just makes me wonder, if I had been on the right dose, what would have happened? Something tells me I would never have slid downhill.

That begs another question though: is Lamictal propping me up for higher and higher levels of stress and overwork? I don’t think so. I have dialed back my workload significantly compared to previous months, and am learning to manage stress better. Nonetheless I’ll pay more attention to getting fresh air and exercise and taking regular breaks. Aside from physical health it’s good for creativity and alertness and other things that I depend on.

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