Touch wood

Uh, yeah... so remember this? I didn’t put my actual BG average in that post. It was about 10, both before and after starting low-carb. A bit lower once I started low-carb.

As I said in my last post, diabetes has suddenly started to behave. I’m getting the fabled Low Carb Experience™. Sugars don’t spike, they undulate, and can be reined in using micro-doses.

And my average is the lowest ever.

In the last 7 days, my average was 9.1. But I’ve been learning how to operate under these new conditions, and it’s improved. In the last 3 days, the average was 8.5, and in the last 24 hours it was 7.5.

Bear in mind that for me a hypo is defined as roughly 6mmol/L or below, because of epilepsy. So this is a very tight range.

OK, sure, we’ve got selection bias here—I’m writing this blog post precisely because I’m excited about how good today was. I don’t think I can get weekly averages that are that good. (But I’m going to try!)

The fact remains that when I started low-carb, diabetes did not do what it was known to do. Other people got certain results. I had got those results years ago when I tried it. But when I started low carb several months ago, it was doing something inexplicable, in a sort of “let’s break the laws of physics!” sort of way.

But I thought the cohomology tensor had to be antisymmetric!

The funny thing is, it kept doing that for months before finally deciding, touch wood, to rejoin us here in the spacetime continuum.

And now, everything is manageable, if I work hard. It’s still unpredictable—it’s diabetes. But it’s stopped doing impossible things.

This is why I went on low carb. This is worth the sacrifice.

My diabetes has a habit of being predictable for a couple of weeks and then reinventing itself... kind of like a perpetual midlife crisis, so in all likelihood I’m going to be chasing it somewhere else within a few weeks. But I think that happens less on low-carb. So, touch wood.

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