Dexcom rebatterying

As said in the previous post, after Simon sent me a transmitter (much appreciated) that didn’t work, I decided to try my hand at re-batterying my own.

All I used was a file, a small screwdriver, a razor blade and a hand drill. I went to Bunnings to get the batteries (which they have online) but they didn’t stock them. So I tried shopping centres and chemists, one of which had a very similar battery for $1.30. Defeated, I went to Mister Minit which I knew would be pricey but I didn’t expect to be $36 pricey!

I had Simon’s as a guide. Here is a comparison.

Simon’s is on the right with the nice epoxy

Getting to the batteries

The “feet” of the transmitter fit nicely into a groove in this block of wood.

Ready to go

After ages of filing, I finally struck silver.

First contact
Second contact
Made in Switzerland!
Fully accessible
Terminals lifted

Getting them out

Helps to get them out
Those are the old ones. Not the new ones.
That’s how much I had to file off

Putting it back together

Except for epoxy

Aftermath Epitaph

I did the voltage check which was fine. Finally I tried it out and... you guessed it, it didn’t work.

After all that 🙁

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